About the Redesign of the Franklin Website

In the Spring of 2009, work began on redesigning the website for the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. A group of Franklin College representatives took on the task of shaping a new direction for the web presence. This group determined a number of goals for this site, including:

  • Clean, modern look
  • Ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Reflection of the diversity of the College

The current design is the result of the group's collaborative work, in order to achieve these goals. The look of the site leans towards the minimal, using a recognizably UGA color scheme, but using tones that have been associated with the Franklin College's visual identity for some years. Visual interest is created using a combination of UGA/Franklin College photographic imagery and new graphic design elements.

In order to create a site that is easy for visitors to use, the site structure has been altered in various ways, to reflect a straightforward hierarchical structure and organization of the site's material. Navigation is primarily achieved through a navigation menu that is designed around the site's top-level hierarchical organization, using dropdown submenus and "megamenus" to provide further navigation. Other lower-level navigation is made available, as needed, on a page-by-page basis.

The site's code has been designed to provide a clear, logical arrangement of content, so that non-visual readers will have an easier time navigating the site through alternate browsers. Visual presentation is primarily achieved through external stylesheets, rather than by altering the logical structure for visual effect. Thus, the visual elements are not necessary to navigate the site's content. The developers have made efforts to ensure that site elements are designed with accepted accessibility standards.

To reflect the diversity of the College, the front page has been designed with a visual slideshow representing the departments and other units of the Franklin College. These slides allow users to visit the departments, as well as provide information about each unit.

The Franklin Web Team hopes that this website will be provide a useful and usable website for the Franklin College and its departments, units, students, faculty and staff. If you have difficulties or comments regarding the site, feel free to email us at webdev {at} franklin dt uga dt edu.

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