The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences comprises 30 departments that represent 5 broad categories: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and the Humanities.

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The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences is associated with multiple University of Georgia institutes. These institutes provide more specialized training and support for a broad range of topic areas.

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The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences is involved in a number of centers associated with the University of Georgia.

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The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences provides a way for students to gain degrees in fields that are cross-disciplinary. These programs draw from various departments to provide approved curricula that allows students to achieve their academic goals.

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Featured Unit


Linguistics at the University of Georgia is an interdisciplinary program with faculty drawn from nine departments in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and three departments in the College of Education. It offers the opportunity to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees with a focus in one of four areas (Second Language Acquisition, Language Theory, Historical Linguistics, and Language Variation/Sociolinguistics), as well as an M.A. degree in Humanities Computing. The program boasts a diverse research-oriented community, exceptional resources and a dynamic learning environment.

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