Majors & Degrees

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Franklin College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest, largest and most academically diverse college in the University of Georgia. Our majors encompass the complete spectrum of disciplines in the arts, humanities, physical, mathematical, biological and social sciences. We've put together some interesting facts about each of our 84 degrees tailored towards prospective students.

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Our Majors

African American Studies - A.B.
Anthropology - A.B.
Arabic - A.B.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Art X: Expanded Forms - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Ceramics - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Drawing - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Fabric Design - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Graphic Design - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Interior Design - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Jewelry & Metalwork - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Painting - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Photography - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Printmaking - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Scientific Illustration - B.F.A.
Art, Area of Emphasis in Sculpture - B.F.A.
Art/Art Education - B.F.A.
Art/Art History - A.B.
Asian Languages and Literature - A.B.
Atmospheric Sciences - B.S.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - B.S.
Biology - B.S.
Biology/Science Education - B.S., B.S.Ed.
Cellular Biology - B.S.
Chemistry - B.S.
Chemistry - B.S.Chem.
Classics - A.B.
Cognitive Science - A.B.
Communication Studies - A.B.
Comparative Literature - A.B.
Computer Science, B.S.
Criminal Justice - A.B.
Dance - A.B.
Dance - B.F.A.
English - A.B.
English/English Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
Film Studies - A.B.
French - A.B.
French/World Language Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
Genetics - B.S.
Geography - A.B.
Geography - B.S.
Geology - A.B.
Geology - B.S.
German - A.B.
German/World Language Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
History - A.B.
History/Social Studies Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
Honors Interdisciplinary Studies - A.B.
Honors Interdisciplinary Studies - B.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies (Griffin Campus) - A.B.
Interdisciplinary Studies - A.B.
Interdisciplinary Studies - B.F.A.
Interdisciplinary Studies - B.S.
Latin American and Caribbean Studies - A.B.
Latin/World Language Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
Linguistics - A.B.
Mathematics - B.S.
Mathematics/Mathematics Education - Dual Degree - B.S., B.S.Ed.
Microbiology (also offered at Griffin) - B.S.
Music - A.B.
Music Composition - B.Mus.
Music Education - B.Mus.
Music Performance - B.Mus.
Music Theory - B.Mus.
Music Therapy - B.Mus.
Philosophy - A.B.
Physics - B.S.
Physics and Astronomy - B.S.
Plant Biology - B.S.
Pre-Dentistry - Pre-Professional
Pre-Optometry - Pre-Professional
Psychology - B.S.
Religion - A.B.
Romance Languages - A.B.
Russian - A.B.
Sociology - A.B.
Spanish - A.B.
Spanish/World Language Education - A.B., B.S.Ed.
Statistics - B.S.
Studio Art - A.B.
Theatre - A.B.
Women's Studies - A.B.