Film Studies - A.B.

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About the Degree: 

Students majoring in Film Studies take courses that provide a solid training in the critical act of interpretation, film theory, and the historical context of cinema's economic, cultural, and technological development. This program centers on film history, criticism, and theory. There are opportunities for practical aspects of scriptwriting and directing, but this is not a film production degree. Students interested in filmmaking should pursue a dual degree in Franklin College's Film Studies major and Grady College's Telecommunications major.


What you will learn: 

The major in Film Studies concentrates on the history and theory of film as an art form. It provides exploration of the medium through courses in several fields, including not only film studies but also comparative literature, English, Romance languages, and Germanic and Slavic languages. Film is among the newest of the arts and its development reflects the changes in the modern and contemporary world. While the focus of the program is on history and theory of film, courses are also included that deal with acting, directing and writing for camera. An up-to-date statement of requirements is accessible on the web. All students should acquaint themselves with these general matters.

Beyond the Classroom


High Salary: 
Low Salary: 
Median Salary: 

Cartoon Network
CBT News
New York Times
Indie Fund
The University of Georgia
Production Consultants And Equipment
Red Bull
Wsb Tv
Aero Studios
Animation Collaborative
New York Library
Wayward Pictures
National Speed Sports
Cardinal Web Solutions
The American Championships
Emory Healthcare

Possible Job Titles: 

Assistant Director
Camera Operator
Casting Assistant/Director
Colorizing Technician
Film Archivist
Film Director
Film Editor/Producer
Film Festival Programmer
Industrial Filmmaker
Personal Asst. to Director
Press Agent
Program Assistant
Rerecording Mixer
Script Supervisor
Sound & Special Effects
Sound Editor
Story Editor
Studio Merchandiser
Television Producer
Visual Effects Specialist