Statistics - B.S.

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About the Degree: 

Statistics has been described as the science of learning from data: everything from planning for the collection of data and data management, to end-product activities such as drawing conclusions from data and presentation of results. Statistics includes the scientific application of mathematical principles to the collection, analysis, and presentation of data. Statisticians contribute to the design of surveys and experiments; collection, processing, and analysis of data; and interpretation of the results. Statisticians apply their methods in all subjectareas. Sampling - obtaining information about a population of people or group of things by surveying a small portion of the total is often used. Statisticians the where and how of data, determine the type and size of the sample group, instructions and procedures f or the sampling collection, tabulate the data and final analysis, interpretation and summary using computer software.


What you will learn: 

A Statistics major will select a degree option of either Data Analysis or Mathematical Statistics. The Data Analysis option is designed to prepare an individual for a statistical career with only an undergraduate degree. The Mathematical Statistics option is designed to prepare an individual for graduate school and for further training in Statistics.  Our undergraduate program continues to thrive with UGA students recognizing the importance of a background in statistics – this is seen in the increasing number of both majors (approximately 100 students) and minors. 

Beyond the Classroom

Featured Research Labs/Research Areas: 


High Salary: 
Low Salary: 
Median Salary: 

Potential Employers


  • Aerospace Companies
  • Bureauof Labor Statistics
  • C & L Business Equipment
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Defense Logistics Agency
  • Defense Mapping Agency
  • Employment & Training Adm.
  • Engineering Technician
  • Google
  • Housing & Mortgage Fin.
  • Investment Firms
  • Justice Department
  • Kennecott Ridgeway Mining Co.
  • Library of Congress
  • Logistics
  • Market Research
  • NASA
  • Nat. Hwy Traffic Safety Admin.
  • National Inst. Standards & Tech
  • National Security Agency
  • NOAA
  • PRC Environmental Mgmt.
  • Research & Dev. Firms
  • Sharp Shooter, Inc Research Social
  • Science Pollsters
  • Test Development Corp.
  • T.E. Properties, Inc.
  • Transportation Department
  • U.S. Customs Service
  • U.S. Navy
  • Weights and Measures Office
Possible Job Titles: 
  • Actuary
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Appraiser
  • Benefits Administrator
  • Biometrician/Biostatistician
  • Budget Analyst
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Test Specialist
  • Contract Administrator
  • Cost Estimator/Analyst
  • Cryptographer/Cryptologist
  • Data Analytics Associate
  • Econometrician
  • Foreign-Exchange Trader
  • Information Scientist
  • International Trade Specialist
  • ISO 2000 Specialist
  • Mathematician
  • Numerical Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Public Health Statistician
  • Psychometrist
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Research Analyst
  • Risk & Insurance Specialist
  • Robotics Programmer
  • Statistical Software Support
  • Statistician
  • Stock Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Technical Writer
  • Underwriter