Spotlight on the Arts

Speaking of the good life, the UGA campus and Athens, GA are blessed with many of the qualities by which we define that concept - walkability, a great library, an eclectic mix of people, and an arts scene that is deep and wide. If we were a sports franchise, I would say our bench players would be starting for most other teams around the league - at any level. Because of the people who have been coming to the University as faculty and students for decades, the arts are a major identifier of our campus and community. The breadth of theatre offerings here has both a...

Outer boroughs


One benefit, and there are many, of pulling together content for unit-level newsletters and soliciting news from faculty directly is that I find out about things they are doing that might normally escape (my) attention - professional activity that doesn't rise to the level of press releases, but a host of exhibitions, lectures, interviews and other work. There is a lot of this and...