The Marine Institute on Sapelo Island


From North to South along Georgia's 100-mile-long coast, 14 islands of sand, beach ridge and maritime forest serve as a barrier between sea and land. Four of these are developed ( St. Simons, Tybee, Sea Island and Jekyll) and connected to the mainland by bridges. The rest are accessible only by boat (or plane):

Blackbeard, Wassaw, and Wolf islands are national wildlife refuges. Little Tybee, Ossabaw, and...

Climate change: the new normal

And speaking of Dr. Shepherd, he was quoted on the New York Times Green blog this weekend, per how he answers questions related to the changing global climate:

Climate scientists, like the rest of us, have friends and relatives who wonder what is happening. So I asked the scientists: When you see your extended family over Thanksgiving or Christmas and they ask about the weather, what do you tell them?

“My answer on that has evolved,” replied one,...