$4.1 million from NIH to UGA researchers

More terrific news from Franklin College scientists in the CCRC:

Ovarian and pancreatic cancers are among the most deadly, not because they are impossible to cure, but because they are difficult to find. There are no screening tests that can reliably detect their presence in early stages, and most diagnoses are made after the disease has already spread to lymph nodes and vital organs.

But University of Georgia cancer researchers Karen Abbott and Michael Pierce are exploring new methods of detecting these silent killers using the most advanced technologies...

Hirano_bodies_in_the_Hippocampus_in_an_old_person_with_Alzheimer-related_pathology,_HE_2.jpgThe neurodegenerative disease that has affected millions of people continues to puzzle researchers, but a new discovery at UGA sheds light on the mystery:

Matthew Furgerson, a doctoral candidate in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of biochemistry and molecular biology, used cell culture models to...