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Human Nature

Franklin alum Mitcham named Georgia's Poet Laureate


UGA alumnus Judson C. Mitcham (AB '69, MS '71) was named by Governor Nathan Deal as the new poet laureate of Georgia. Mitcham succeeds David Bottoms in the post.

A former adjunct professor of creative writing at UGA, Mitcham was very active on campus as a Man of Letters during his time in Athens and has many connections to Franklin College. A recipient of numerous awards and...

Photo of the Day


View of Moscow at sunrise from the top of the Peter the Great monument, from a photo gallery on Der Speigel. Kids in Moscow are taking to climbing up onto some of its highest building, statues and construction sites, and are appropriately adored by the Russian media as "roofers." A law student, the young man who took the photo said that he discovered 'roofing' after doctors...

Crime and... Mathematics

The Cantrell Lecture Series in the department of mathematics brings UCLA professor and director of Applied Mathematics Andrea Bertozzi to campus on Wednesday April 25 for an interesting lecture:

The Mathematics of Crime

There is an extensive applied mathematics literature developed for problems in the biological and physical sciences. Our understanding of social science problems from a mathematical standpoint is less developed, but also presents some very...

Origins of the Arts

Can we understand art better without reducing the magic it can work on us? That is not the theme of this article by E. O. Wilson, though it would seem to be one implication of the schema he describes:

 RICH AND SEEMINGLY BOUNDLESS as the creative arts seem to be, each is filtered through the narrow biological channels of human cognition. Our sensory world, what we...

Witty and Brilliant

head of a bull.jpg

Because we're going to re-publish one of her articles in the annual school of art newsletter, I've been following the writing of Hofstra University art professor Laurie Fendrich a little closer than usual. She's a terrific writer, and her blog posts for the Chronicle's Brainstorm blog are a must. Last week, for instance,...