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Human Nature

Commedia Robotica

Zeeb robotThe department of theatre and film studies presents an interesting new take to a seven-century-old art form this weekend:

A form of early sketch comedy—or commedia dell'arte—is opening the doors to the future of theater and robotics at the University of Georgia.

This collaboration of art and science will be presented in "Commedia Robotica" Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. and Dec. 2 at 4 p.m. in...

New psychology paper identifies keys to self-control

Franklin College professor of psychology Leonard Martin tested student's capacity for self-control using some simple tools, and the fascinating results are part of a newly published study:

participants performed what is known as the Stroop task where they were asked to identify the color of various words flashed on a screen, which spell out the names of other colors. The Stroop task's goal is to turn off the student's tendency to read the words and instead see the colors.