Human Nature

Human Nature

Learning from one another

Biosci teaser.jpgThe first day of classes for Spring semester 2017 is an exciting time for students as they embark on new possibilities and opportunities. While classes officially began today, some faculty began their work in earnest on campus yesterday, when nearly 50 professors from the biological sciences, continuing to adapt to new instructional capabilities in the new Science Learning Center, gathered in one of the scale-up classrooms at the new facility to...


John Daniel "Jack" Kehoe, 1927 – 2016

Kehoe teaser.jpgFaculty member, leader and great friend of the University of Georgia, the Franklin College, and the Lamar Dodd School of Art Jack Kehoe passed away on December 16. From the Cortona Italy Alumni Association:

“Jack” Kehoe, a native of Michigan, was recognized internationally as an extraordinarily talented artist, respected educator, and a true Renaissance man in every sense.  He was a wonderful father and devoted...

Searching for Sequoyah

sequoyah_statute_1.jpgResearch, history, literature and culture converge in a new film project that includes LeAnne Howe – Eidson Distinguished Professor in the department of English - as writer and producer. Searching for Sequoyah:

In 1808, Sequoyah began working on a system to write the Cherokee language. He worked in secret. Some people thought he was crazy. Others thought he...