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Students and faculty at the University are fortunate in the extent to which UGA has embraced the importance of study abroad. An international academic experience intertwines crucial cultural elements with instruction in ways that are otherwise inaccessible for students, but also builds richness into the undergraduate experience that directly supports the well-rounded liberal...

The expanding universe (of knowledge)


Scientists at the University of Georgia, the University of California, San Diego, UCLA, California State Polytechnic University and the Australia National University have collaborated on a study, published in the journal Nature, suggesting new information on how planets are formed.

The study:


Amazing student: Lauren Anderson


A senior from Macon, Lauren Anderson is engaged with unique combination of opportunies at UGA to focus her studies at the confluence of U.S. foreign policy and the international politics of human rights.

Lauren Anderson:

Degree objective:

A.B. in international affairs, A.B. in human geography, minor in African studies and anthropology

Study abroad blogging

It's the medium of the internet age, but still one we don't take enough advantage of: blogging.

A funny argument to make on a blog, sure; but here I'm thinking specifically of a weblog as a kind of informational travelogue for students when they study abroad. Not only can you share photos and written descriptions of your experiences with family, friends and colleagues; a blog helps us all piece together and understand the story of what it is you are doing. Case in point: this blog by UGA students participating in a study abroad...