Student Spring Break

Each year, our students get one week away from campus during the Spring semester for some time away from classes. Many of our students choose to see the world this week, as that is just as important as an educational experience. For students who are currently traveling or studying abroad, the UGA Office of International Education is encouraging our educational travelers to share some of their experiences with us via social media.

Cinema Politique

Totsi.jpgInternational affairs touch many Franklin College departments, majors and programs, and our majors inform international programs beyond Franklin as well. From business to agriculture and SPIA, a globally-minded educational experience is grounded in the liberal arts. A new flm series beginning a trial run at UGA this semester, Cinema Politique...


TrowelBlazers - Raising Horizons

Mary Leakey.jpgAn international collaboration dedicated to outreach activities aimed at encouraging participation of women and underrepresented groups in archaeological, geological, and palaeontological science, Trowelblazers has convened and participated in panels discussing women in science at the Royal Society and the London Feminist Conference, and a wide variety of events and activities including the...

A Globally-Engaged University

OIE.pngA vital protein in the lifeblood of UGA is international engagement. As a beacon for scholars and students from around the world, the university serves the citizens of state of Georgia as its flagship. Students from our state come to UGA because the world is here; the world comes to Athens because UGA is here. The relationship is mutually-beneficial and defining.