2016 Dodd Chair lecture

stadium sculpture in miniature, with hand

AT_PIONEER_JAN 03.01_ALL002.jpg

Paul Pfeiffer’s groundbreaking work in video, sculpture, and photography uses technology to dissect the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness. The results, often mesmerizing but always thought-provoking, will be the subject of his lecture this afternoon as the 2016 Lamar Dodd Professorial Chair:

[Pfeiffer] transforms them to inspire contemplation of the role played by mass-media in contemporary culture. Often integrating monumental and miniature scales, his works challenge viewers to take a second look at familiar objects and images. 

Drawing on a range of imagery and culling ideas from a variety of academic disciplines, Pfeiffer synthesizes sports, cinema, labor, science and psychoanalytic theory to offer insights into the nature of representation within contemporary media environments.

While in residence as the Dodd Chair, Pfeiffer will work with the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications sports journalism students as well as art students.

The Dodd Chair was established in 1970 when Elaine de Kooning served as the first visiting professor of art at the Dodd. Ever since, the Dodd Chair has allowed a practicing artist to spend a semester or a full year in residence at the school, with full professor privileges. A great program that inspires faculty and students, and Pfeiffer is the next in a long, distinguished line. Looking forward to a great discussion this afternoon.