2017 Senior Exit Dance Concert

dancers posed on a street

BaileyandGeidl.jpgThe 2017 UGA Spotlight on the Arts festival continues with the 2017 Young Choreographers Series Senior Exit Dance and Emerging Choreographers Concert Nov. 9-11 at 8 p.m. in the New Dance Theatre, presented by the department of dance:

This year's Senior Exit Dance and Emerging Choreographers Concert showcases pieces choreographed by two senior dance majors, as well as other second- and third-year dance majors. The concert is a culmination of the growth and versatility that each dance major has been working toward. The pieces reflect each choreographer's style and creativity and showcase a variety of dance styles, music and concepts.

Gracie Bailey and Lindsay Giedl, bachelor's of fine arts candidates, each will present their creative progress as dancers, performers and choreographers with works of complex expressive themes and dynamic movement. Giedl's work explores ideas about the gender spectrum and gender fluidity through contemporary movement and live art. Bailey's piece investigates self-concept and human progress through the medium of light—from human's primal beginnings to present day. The audience also will see additional pieces from emerging choreographers Nieya Amezquita, Samantha Miller, Kennedy Butterfield and Rebecca Ommedal.

A terrific new video featuring Bailey uses her perspective to remind everyone why and how it is so important to be an artist on the campus of a major research university - and that artists on campus are an integral part of the liberal arts learning environment. Tickets to this week's performances here.

Image: senior BFA candidate dancers Lindsay Giedl, left, and Gracie Bailey