Art students create mural honoring veterans

people standing in front of a painted mural

mural teaser.jpgOn Saturday May 13, 2017, Lamar Dodd School of Art students completed a large public mural honoring veterans in Rutledge, GA. The project came about through an agreement with the Rutledge Garden Club and was directed by School of Art professor Joseph Norman:

Professor Norman and students Selena Roth, Gunnar Tarsa, Garrett Ray, Young Lim Lee and Hannah Dugan arrived in Rutledge on May 8 and put the finishing touches on the mural by Saturday.

According to Professor Norman, a genial fellow with an expansive personality, such a mural should have taken nearly two months, but the students leapt into the project, working long days in order to get it done.

“We planned it really well for a month,” Norman said. “We had to hand pick which people we wanted to work with. Everybody had to be able to pull their own weight.”

Students divided up the labor with each one focusing on a specific aspect of the mural. 

Roth, for example, has a talent for rendering animals and also specializes in draperies. As a result, she was tabbed to focus on the flowing stars and stripes and the bald eagle that is central to the mural.

A great project for the community and important experience gained by the students working with stakeholders to complete a public art project. We'll stop by the next time we're passing through Rutledge.

Image: Professor Norman, center, with students and the new mural.