Dance Senior Exit concert

women in flight, outdoors

dancers in mid-air, outdoorsWith the Spotlight on the Arts festival just around the corner, campus wil be rung with performances. The Senior Exit and Emerging Choreographers Dance Concert is Nov. 6-8 at 8 p.m. in the New Dance Theater:

The Senior Exit and Emerging Choreographers Dance Concert is choreographed by senior, junior and sophomore dance majors who will demonstrate their artistic talents, dedication and passion for the art of dance.  BFA candidate in dance Farrah Nixon and BA candidate in dance Tyler Williams will present their original choreographic work, along with third year BFA candidates Kalela Massey, Emi Murata, Mirna Minkov and Mollie Henry and second year dance majors Jay Clark and Alexis Birts.

The senior showcase displays a variety of different dance techniques and styles, giving the students an opportunity to express their own uniqueness and artistic flair. Whether it is choreography inspired by the college-dating scene, interpreted though old fashioned images, a fusion of various dance styles with a focus of putting the audience in a trance or based on kinetic movement rather than narrative, the program promises a diversity of expression, movement and imagery.

The New Dance Theater is located on campus, on Sanford Drive. Ticket prices are $8 for students/seniors and $12 general admission. Parking is available at the South Deck Parking Garage next to the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. Get your tickets now.

Image: UGA dancer students Tyler Williams and Farrah Nixon, courtesy of the department of dance.