Ericka Davis (AB '93): improving her corner of the world

woman holding diploma package

daviswithdiploma.jpgChief communications officer of the State Road and Tollway Authority, Ericka Davis, Ph.D. (AB ’93) has a passion for public service and for discovering new ways to strengthen UGA:

As a former UGA orientation leader and recruiter for students from underrepresented populations for the university, Ericka Davis, Ph.D. (AB ’93) describes the feeling of joining the UGA Black Alumni Leadership Council “like putting on a warm pair of slippers.”

She considers her years at Georgia as some of the best years of her life. She made life-long friends, received a first-class education and developed strong leadership skills. She felt called to do anything she could to ensure all students could have the opportunity to have a similar experience at UGA and knew giving back was directly tied to that. That’s what drove her to join the Black Alumni Leadership Council.

“The council feels like family to me. I know it’s Dawg Nation, but really it should be called Dawg Family.”

As a member of the UGA Black Alumni Leadership Council, she helped spearhead the launch of The 1961 Club, a special group of donors, named for the year of desegregation at the University of Georgia, who share a passion for ensuring undergraduate student success.

Great story about a caring and committed alumna of the university. We are proud that Davis calls UGA home and grateful for her vision and leadership that are shaping the future of the university.