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Mapping a career trajectory with almost any degree can be difficult. With few exceptions, economic and career conditions, interests and opportunities can change. One of the best ways to prepare for a changing world is a broad education, and that is one reason why studying the humanities and social sciences is more important than ever. By learning how to think, reason, and communicate with people - learning how to continue to learn - students can better navigate the possibilities of life.

Advanced reasoning and communication skills that grow with a career - and with career goals and ambitions - help students cultivate their creativity, collaborate, engage in abstract ideas, master complex communication, and learn to thrive in diverse environments. These skills are relevant to every field, emphasizing the importance of the humanities, the social sciences, the arts - the many disciplines in which UGA and the Franklin College offer A.B. degrees. In many ways, these disciplines are the backbone of the university - because they are the foundation of our society. They support specialties and birth entrepreneurs, providing paths to leadership and service. 

The many examples of A.B. alumni who have completed degrees in history, English, classics or sociology and gone on to seemingly unrelated careers are instructive. Because they are not unrelated - they correspond specifically to the crucial tool box, their personal potential, that was unlocked with their A.B. degree. The liberal arts learning enviroment is where students find their path and discover thier passion. To help our students find their way while they realize their potential, we are sharing the careers of some of these alumni, asking a simple question as a reminder: What can't you do with an A.B. degree?

Image: Franklin College alumna and Working Solutions President and Chief Executive Kim Houlne. As Working Solutions founder, she pioneered virtual contact center services across the USA. Women for Hire magazine honored Kim for being one of the “Top 25 Women to Watch.” A graduate of the University of Georgia, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication.