Joy Peltier '17: romance language linguistics

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peltier.jpgOn the homestretch to commencement, Development and Alumni Relations features on students, faculty and alumni donors highlight some soon-to-graduate students and their extraordinary UGA experiences. Joy Peltier has certainly made the most of her time at UGA:

As a recipient of the university’s foremost undergraduate scholarship, the Foundation Fellowship, all of Joy’s ambitions have been realized. Now, as she pursues a joint bachelor’s and master’s degrees in romance language linguistics with the ultimate goal of earning her Ph.D., she is confident her curriculum vitae will stand apart from the competition.

Joy began her Foundation Fellowship, a highly competitive, privately funded scholarship at UGA, during her sophomore year. The requirements were even more stringent as a mid-term applicant, but with the encouragement of program director Jessica Hunt, Joy reached her goal.

“Every step of the way this university has been behind me,” said Joy, “I am very, very thankful to the donors that make the fellowship possible.”

(Emphasis added for the great degree combination) Students realize their dreams through the combination of intelligence, preparation, enormous effort and the generosity of others who believe in the power of higher education. Congratulations and best of luck to Ms. Peltier - we know she'll do well - and to the many UGA supporters and donors who are making a difference in the lives of our students.