Making art from curiosity: a graduate story

woman with art, photo

ScheutzowFull.jpgThe new issue of the UGA Graduate School Magazine features stories on four Franklin students and recent alumni, including MFA graduate Amanda Scheutzow:

Scheutzow discusses other mutated creations, including her birds, which are called “the Watchers.” Again, the tiny tableaus featuring these apocalyptic birds are jarring yet meaningful…artful, yet somehow musing.

Now working in San Francisco since completing her degree this year, Scheutzow is employed in a high-end “bench jewelry” store. Bench jewelers are somewhat rare in a world that is increasingly mass-produced, as bench jewelers must do hands-on work and crafting. This is a world she can readily slip into; after all, it was where she first plied her skills.

Having pursued the art of jewelry making, long before she was producing viewers and her own tintypes, jewelry making is something Scheutzow still employs in the painstaking work of her elaborately designed art installations. Therefore, a small music box is jewel-like and so intricately made that she admits it is the “only thing her father has asked for”—a point of pride. The same craftsmanship evidenced by the music box is visible in the viewers she designs and builds.

The jewelry and metals area of the Lamar Dood School of Art attracts some of UGA's most dynamic students, as exemplified by Scheutzow. Great work and a remarkable campus experience, congratulations and best wishes for this very promising career in art.