The science of rain delays

graphic with text and radar

rain_shepherd.jpgProfessor Marshall Shepherd and UNC colleagues published a study on urban rainfall patterns around Atlanta that found that the new home of the Atlanta Braves, SunTrust Park, sits “in the maximum region” for cloudbursts:

 The pattern of rainfall anomalies is most evident in the early evening hours of the day and is hypothesized to be related to the evolution of the skin or surface urban heat island (UHI), rather than the canopy layer UHI. The study formally proposes the term “flow regime dependent” downwind anomaly regions
Spatio-temporal rainfall patterns around Atlanta, Georgia and possible relationships to urban land cover.

Great stuff. Baseball fans (and teams) are weather watchers comparable perhaps only to farmers. This new work builds on the urban heat island phenomenon Shepherd has published on previously, and like the best science, may help the public make sense out of a puzzling situation.