Swarms of Satellites: The NASA Nodes CubeSat Mission

satellites in space, with Earth

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The Small Satellite Research Laboratory of UGA presents Swarms of Satellites: The NASA Nodes CubeSat Mission on Friday November 11 at 3:30 pm in MLC 348

Come learn about Small Satellites, specifically CubeSats, and how they are pushing the limits of space based operations. Jasper Wolfe and UGA Alumni Roger Hunter from NASA Ames Research Center will give a review of the NASA Nodes CubeSat mission -- objectives, requirements, and lessons learned. The purpose of Nodes is to demonstrate autonomous command and control of a CubeSat "swarm", routing of commands to a CubeSat from the ground via another CubeSat, and sharing of science data collection among operational Cubesats. Some thoughts on potential follow-on "swarm" missions that build on Nodes legacy and its predecessor the EDSN mission that went into the ocean when the rocket failed.

We are happy to welcome back to campus great friend and alumnus of the Franklin College Roger Hunter (A.B. '78, mathematics) and Jasper Wolfe From NASA Ames Research Center for this special lecture. Free, open and highly edifying for the public. And if you are unfamiliar with the Small Satellite Research lab, check out what our amazing students are up to (spoiler: they're building a satellite to go into orbit].