Third Emmy nomination for alumnus Tituss Burgess

man outside, with monument in background

Burgess teaser.jpgActor Tituss Burgess (AB Music 2001) was recently nominated for an Emmy Award for the third time, profiled in the Washington Post:

Even in a show as whacked-out and packed with funny people as Netflix’s doomsday-cult comedy “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” Titus Andromedon has a way of stealing a scene.

The character, an actor with a voice from the heavens and a wardrobe from a costume shop’s clearance aisle, once sang in the streets of New York in a frilly yellow dress like Beyoncé, and used a house cat in his audition for “The Lion King.”

Titus Andromedon is the id of “Kimmy Schmidt,” its most meme-able character, its walking, talking glitter.

Great people following their passion to do amazing things. Congratulations, Mr. Burgess. The Franklin College is very proud of you and your work.

Image: Tituss Burgess (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)