UGA Theatre presents DETROIT

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Detroit teaser.jpgDirected by professor George Contini, UGA Theatre presents Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit, in which an all-American backyard barbeque turns into a menacing affair when mysterious new neighbors upend the lives of an average couple, beginning this weekend:

Lisa D’Amour’s Detroit examines the American state of mind – the obsessiveness of our deep ontological need to define who we are in terms of position, class, consumption, race, and gender roles. D’Amour’s characters all suffer from classic existential angst. They’ve lost sight of what it means to “be in the world” because the world has changed and they have lost the power to reinvent themselves. They are grasping at their concepts of reality and identity.

The changes in globalization and technology have changed the types of jobs and situations available to them. Economic and social lines are blurred – who exactly is upper, lower, or middle class? Should education guarantee you a job, a home, or a family? What happened to the American pioneer spirit? Don’t I just need a brand and know how to use social media to succeed?

A wonderful campus theatre company with students, faculty and staff bringing drama to life, UGA Theatre keeps a great 2017-18 season rolling with Detroit

Feb. 16-17, 20-24 @ 8:00pm
Feb. 18 & 25 @ 2:30pm
Cellar Theatre

Tickets: $16, $12 for Students