Kudos, August 2012



Faculty Kudos, August 2012

“Jousting in Medieval and Renaissance Iberia,” a monograph by Noel Fallows, Professor of Spanish and Associate Dean of International and Multidisciplinary Programs in the Franklin College, earned the prestigious La corónica International Book Award

Daniel Krashen, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, received a National Science...


We mention this periodically and should be gladdened at every occasion. University researchers and scientists from all over campus, from engineering to genetics, have been working on various aspects of creating renewable fuels for decades. Now, one group of UGA researchers has moved closer to producing biofuels from biomass, in this case by focusing on...

Continuing Education


Our news director, Sam Fahmy, sat down with new Franklin College dean Alan Dorsey for an article published in this week's Columns. Here is Sam's article in full.



“Continuing Education”

Alan T. Dorsey takes the helm of the university’s oldest, largest and most academically diverse college


By Sam Fahmy

When Alan T. Dorsey became dean of the Franklin College of Arts and...