Kudos, September 2016

Posted 1 year 11 months ago
Jeopardy teaser.jpg

Jeopardy! a Guggenheim Fellowship, new associate provost for international education and a festschrift... quite a month for Franklin College students, faculty and alumni:

PhD theatre student Seth Noel Wilson is on Jeopardy! this week – Wilson won on Tuesday night and will return. What is fantastic news for a graduate student?

The University of Georgia moved up three spots to No. 18 in the latest U.S. News & World Report ranking of Best Public Universities

African-American women have the highest graduation rate at UGA - 92.8 percent 6-year graduation rate is the...

Spectra: Lamar Dodd School of Art Faculty Exhibition

Posted 1 year 11 months ago

The School of Art presents a special faculty exhibition, Spectra, with an opening reception tonight at 6 p.m. in the Dodd Galleries:

Spectra relates to a broad array of ideas or objects, all falling on a continuum which aptly describes the works by artists teaching at the Lamar Dodd School of Art featured in this exhibition. Such artists include Benjamin Britton, an abstract painter who creates works that represent or embody their own conditions as he makes explicit reference to weather conditions like moisture, temperature, pressure, and wind speed. Marni Shindelman is a...

Abstraction in the Defense of Society

Posted 2 years 6 months ago

'Artistic and other cultural manifestations of interculture, discomposure, optimism, and unexpected affinity as sources of anxiety about the implications of historical change' will be a sub-theme of today's Distinguished Artist Lecture in the Lamar Dodd School of Art by Professor Darby English:

English is Carl Darling Buck Professor of Art History and the College at the University of Chicago. He teaches modern and contemporary art and cultural studies, with a focus on American and European art produced since the Second World War. He is the author of How to See a Work of Art...

Pictures of Us: Photographs from The Do Good Fund Collection

Posted 2 years 6 months ago

In 1956, Life magazine published twenty-six color photographs taken by staff photographer Gordon Parks. The photo essay, titled The Restraints: Open and Hidden, exposed Americans to the effects of racial segregation. Over the next two months as part of the 2016 Global Georgia Initiative, the Willson Center presents Pictures of Us: Photographs from The Do Good Fund Collection, an exhibition of multiple artists including Parks in six venues on the University of Georgia campus and in the Athens community.

The Do Good Fund is a public charity that focuses on building a museum-quality...

Class of 2015: Carmen Kraus

Posted 2 years 8 months ago
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In just over seven days, double major Carmen Kraus (B.S. in Ecology, B.F.A. in Scienitific Illustration) will join the distinguished ranks of UGA graduates. What brought her to that unique combination of credentials?

Attending the Ecological Society of America annual meeting convinced me once and for all that I had chosen the correct career path. I went to as many lectures as I could, focusing mainly on bioremediation but also hearing some talks as varied as Amur leopard population density and kitchen gardens in France. The vast extent of research presented was exciting, and I hope...