Amazing Student Lindsey Cheek

Posted 3 years 2 weeks ago

UGA gymnast and Franklin College triple major Lindsey Cheek sets the bar for "Amazing Student" somewhere out near the Gama Quadrant:

I didn’t start college like the normal student. I graduated high school in December and immediately joined the gymnastics team.  When the spring semester began in January I was competing on three events when I should have been a senior in high school. During that season I was named freshman of the week once, and eventually earned first team All-American honors on vault at the NCAA National Championships.  

Unfortunately, during my...

Amazing student: Colton Fowlkes

Posted 3 years 1 month ago

We talk often (and hear even more) about high school students' involvement in a range of activities beyond the classroom, and how this can make them more attractive applicants in the selective college admissions process. But what about after they are admitted and become university students? Are extra-curricular activites still important? Is having fun while you're making a difference important? Double-major in psychology and biology Colton Fowlkes says yes:

One of my favorite parts of my college experience was the opportunity to learn from esteemed faculty members and take...

Editing genome sequences to correct mutations

Posted 3 years 5 months ago

Extraordinary new research on how the bacterial immune system provides a way forward on correcting genetic mutations:

 [UGA] researchers Michael and Rebecca Terns were among the first to begin to study the bacterial immune system. They now have identified a key link in how bacteria respond and adapt to foreign invaders.

The new study, authored by the Terns and postdoctoral research associate Yunzhou Wei in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences department of biochemistry and molecular biology, was published recently in Genes & Development.

A bacterium...

Amazing student Omar Martinez-Uribe

Posted 3 years 8 months ago

Meet Amazing UGA student Omar Martinez-Uribe:

a senior biology major from Fayetteville, GA, Uribe has been volunteering in the community, working with student organizations, conducting undergraduate research and representing his college throughout his UGA career. The next step for this avid Bulldog fan is medical school.


University highlights, achievements and awards:

After my first semester at UGA I entered the Honors Program through collegiate entry. I began volunteering for the Thomas Lay after-school program my freshman year and tried to make connections...

Discover UGA Abroad - Austraila

Posted 4 years 2 months ago
man jumping on rocks

It is the time of year when so many of our students are expanding their academic horizons around the globe. From Costa Rica to Zanzibar, our classrooms are taking the shape of the world. Just yesterday, I ran into a colleague who had just returned from teaching in one of our programs and he was excited about maymester in Australia:

The program begins with several days in Sydney, considered one of the world’s best cities to live and play, taking classes and local field trips with UGA faculty and Australian experts. In Sydney, we visit iconic places including the Opera House, Harbor...