Developing general education skills

Posted 4 years 9 months ago
brickman, head shot

In our contemporary campus culture, broadly construed, developing a well-rounded general education can be quite elusive. Though a broad educational experience is a perennial touchstone in strategic plans and commencement speeches alike, pressures for more narrowly defined jobs and career paths upon graduation create a tendency to whittle away at the very broadness we cherish and that we recognize as important.

On Thursday Nov. 7 at 10 am in the Thomas Reading Room of the MLC, one of the leading teachers in the UGA professoriate, Peggy Brickman, will present a public lecture on...

Faculty in the News, September '13

Posted 4 years 11 months ago
Schermafbeelding newspaper page

Here's a sampling of Franklin College faculty writing and quoted in the media this month:


“The secret bromance of Nixon and Brezhnev” – Posting by associate professor of history Stephen Mihm in Bloomberg News, picked up by the History News Network.

A second posting by Mihm is in the same outlets on the topic, “How computers took over trading.”

Spalding professor of history James C. Cobb reflects on commencement in Flagpole magazine.

“This is a big piece of the human disease pie that science is only beginning to explore,” said Michael Pierce of UGA’s...

Museum of Natural History adds to its collection

Posted 5 years 1 week ago

The Georgia Museum of Natural History is a unit of the Franklin College that links collections, research, public service, and education through programs designed for a diverse audience. Many Franklin faculty also serve as museum personnel and board members. Faculty, staff, and students from across campus have built significant collections in natural history through their research that, together, represent the most comprehensive in Georgia. These collections play an important role in the teaching mission of the University as well as in public service and outreach. 

In May 2013, the...

Origin of Life

Posted 5 years 5 months ago
origin of life cartoon depiction

The Origins Lecture Series continues next week with the Origin of Life by series founder and chair of the division of biological sciences, Mark Farmer:

The origin of life remains one of the great unsolved mysteries in all of science.  Late in life Charles Darwin speculated that life may have begun in “a warm little pond” but today we think it more likely that the earliest life forms emerged in the dark depths of the early Earth’s oceans.  Even the simplest of cells is marvelously complex and for this reason there are those who feel that such complexity could not have arisen from...

Origins Lecture Series

Posted 5 years 7 months ago

The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and the the division of biological sciences will host a new lecture series on the UGA campus this spring: The Origins Lecture Series

Since mankind’s earliest days the story of our origins has been one of fascination and inspiration.  In an effort to share that story six of UGA’s leading scientists have come together to present the latest scientific findings on everything from our humble beginnings on the plains of east Africa to the formation of the universe itself.  The Origins Lecture Series is intended for the entire Athens community.  In...