Amazing Student Madison Jones

Posted 1 year 6 months ago
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As we welcome the next amazing class of UGA students, highlighting achievements in rigorous academics and service to the campus community like those of Madison Jones gives us an idea of what it's all about at UGA:

My favorite things to do on campus are...

I love meeting friends for a quick bite at Bolton between classes since cooking is hard and the commuter meal plan is a gift to mankind. My favorite activities on campus probably happen inside the classrooms, though. My English professors and fellow classmates provide amazing discussions and a wonderful atmosphere,...

the campus climate

Posted 1 year 7 months ago
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In light of the recently released results of the UGA campus climate survey, the new curriculum incorporating diversity at Hamilton College struck a chord:

Unlike many such campuses, Hamilton adopted a new curriculum requirement that all concentrations, or majors, feature relevant, mandatory course work on diversity.

"This is an innovative approach to engaging with contemporary issues of inclusion and diversity in the curriculum," said Patrick Reynolds, immediate past dean of the faculty, "one that has the potential not only to resonate with the academic interests of each of...

Staff Appreciation Week

Posted 1 year 9 months ago

The people who make the UGA learning environment function at such a high level are often out of sight but also all around you. Any visitor notices a well-run campus - from immaculate landscaping to delicious food and orderly parking decks. Students and faculty rely on staff for everything from administrating contracts and grants to advising plus the million things in between.

The Franklin College held our Staff Appreciation Reception yesterday at the MLC, where several individuals were honored with Excellence in Service Awards and more were recognized for their Years of...

UGA Psychology clinic walk-in hours

Posted 1 year 9 months ago
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It's exam week but the campus community is also reeling from the recent tragedy involving our students. The UGA Psychology Clinic is responding:

The UGA Psychology Clinic has created walk-in hours to help those impacted by the recent tragedy involving five of our UGA students. Therapists will be available from 10am to 5pm Tuesday (5/3) through Friday (5/6) of this week. No appointment is necessary and this service will be offered at no cost. The UGA Psychology Clinic is located on the first floor of the psychology building, on the library / Baldwin Street side (from the parking lot...

Watershed UGA

Posted 1 year 10 months ago

Urban watersheds represent one of the most complex and intractable environmental quandaries: overlapping jurisdictions, streets, property boundaries and buildings make it all but impossible to reclaim any relationship to a naturally existing water collection basin. Watersheds are drainage points for surface water to reach a river or other outlet and they are essential for the health of both land and water. The heart of the UGA campus sits in the midst of a watershed and, because it is a singular entity, the possibility exists of rehabilitating Tanyard Creek. If you don't know where it is,...