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Doctoral Student Endures and Strengthens

Posted 2 weeks 4 days ago
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Ph.D. student Isabelle Holland Lulewicz, an archaeologist studying climate change and an endurance horseback rider, is featured in the most recent issue of the Graduate School magazine:

She is also a scientist and anthropologist keeping to a much longer course: to earn her third UGA degree in the fall of 2019. She completed undergraduate degrees in anthropology and geology in 2015 and entered graduate studies.

Lulewicz draws parallels between endurance riding and academia. “Like my dissertation, to finish is to win!” she declares during spring break when she can find what has...

Georgia Climate Research Roadmap identifies Top 40 Climate Questions

Posted 2 months 4 weeks ago
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From higher storm surge and more frequent flooding along the coast, to erratic weather patterns that affect the many industries connected to agriculture and forestry, the state of Georgia and its citizens face a growing array of challenges related to climate change. Now, a multi-disciplinary team of experts from across the state has developed the Georgia Climate Research Roadmap, a list of 40 key questions that can help Georgia’s policymakers and citizens better understand and address climate change.

The Research Roadmap, more than a year in the making and led by senior-level...

Scientists project drier Amazon, wetter Indonesia in the future

Posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
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New research published in Nature Climate Change and led by assistant professor of geography Gabriel Kooperman identifies an unexpected but major factor in worldwide precipitation shifts: the direct response of tropical forests to higher levels of carbon dioxide:

“People tend to think that most of the disruption will come from heat going into the oceans, which, in turn, will alter wind patterns,” said James Randerson, UCI’s Ralph J. & Carol M. Cicerone Chair in Earth System Science. “We have found that large-scale changes in rainfall can, in part, be attributed to the way...

Noted and Quoted, April 2018

Posted 3 months 4 weeks ago
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Franklin faculty members, students and alumni have been featured in a broad variety of media this month. A sampling:

IRS computer glitch caused by "master file" issue – associate professor of history Stephen Mihm quoted on NPR 

Voting laws for felons can be hard to follow – assistant professor of sociology Sarah K.S. Shannon quoted in the New York Times

The 2018 hurricane season looms but Hurricane Maria still haunts Puerto Rico - Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor Marshall Shepherd writing in his regular column at Forbes

Scientists manipulate...

Noted and quoted, January 2018

Posted 6 months 4 weeks ago
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From the downside of smart phones to the promise of a 'super yeast' for biofuels to the creation a new island off the Georgia coast, Franklin faculty have been ready and willing to lend their expertise on the full range of issues and current events. A sample from this month:

Less smartphone time equals happier teenager, study suggests – article reference research by professor of psychology Keith Campbell in Los Angeles Times, India Today

Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor J. Marshall Shepherd talks challenge of communicating science to public 16th annual...