Noted and Quoted, September 2016

Posted 1 year 10 months ago
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Research and expertise of Franklin faculty members mentioned widely in the media in September (plus a few notable examples from August):

University researchers discover remains of 16th century Spanish fort associate professor of anthropology Victor Thompson mentioned in multiple outlets – R&B, Beaufort Gazette, The Atlantic, Kokomo Tribune, ABH, Ancient Origins

HyperSolar names chemistry professor John Stickney as scientific advisor – Yahoo! Finance

Sky-high temperatures inside "bounce houses" pose health risk (articles quote geography professors Andrew Grundstein...

Noted and Quoted, November 2015

Posted 2 years 8 months ago

In new stories about history, art, climate, psychology and the environment, Franklin faculty provided key insights in media from around the world. A sample from the past month:

Examining Hurricane Patricia. Marshall Shepherd, professor of atmospheric sciences, was asked if the storm’s media coverage was over-hyped. “Are you kidding me? How can you over-hype a record-shattering hurricane, packing EF-5 tornado winds, and approaching a major country?” Articles filed in, Washington Post and Mexico News Daily.

Different strokes: Artists debate value of college – R&B...

Noted and Quoted

Posted 2 years 10 months ago
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Franklin College faculty share their expertise in a variety of media every day, in pixels, print and on the air waves. A sampling from the past month:

Scientists study how rising seas will reshape the Georgia coast, reports the Associated Press. Clark Alexander, a researcher at UGA’s Skidaway Institute of Oceanography, and colleagues are working on a project to more accurately forecast expected changes from encroaching seawater. Also WABE-FM

How the silver standard wrecked China’s economy. Stephen Mihm, associate professor of history and regular contributor to Bloomberg News...

Faculty in the media, August 2015

Posted 2 years 12 months ago

From flooding in Texas and the Confederate Flag to the discovery of an ancient Qu'ran, Franklin College faculty were widely quoted on a wide range of subjects over the summer. A sampling:

Millennials: Apathetic or Empathetic? – R&B article quotes Brian Haas, an assistant professor in the Behavioral and Brain Science Program

NPR reporter explores John Ross story and the art of the protest – Chattanooga Times Free Press quotes Jace Weaver, director of the Institute of Native American Studies

Life with Gracie: Selfie, selfish, showoffs – Atlanta Journal-Constitution...

Establishing baseline data for the world's oceans

Posted 3 years 3 days ago

Samantha Joye explains in Science's Perspective section that only through collecting both baseline data and consistent long-term observations after pollution events is it possible to piece together the impacts of environmental disasters like oil spills:

one of the biggest challenges in evaluating the environmental impacts of the Macondo blowout was the lack of baseline data—both in the water column and along the seabed, where as much as 15 percent of the discharged oil ended up.

As oil and natural gas drilling continues at depths well beyond that of where the Macondo wellhead...