Focus on Faculty: Marshall Shepherd

Posted 5 years 11 months ago

Very nice Q & A with the director of UGA's Atmosphereic Sciences program, Marshall Shepherd, on the University of Georgia homepage. 

A professor in the department of geography, Shepherd discusses several personal and professional topics,  including his favorite courses and why?

I developed two new courses when I came to UGA. One course, Applied Climatology in the Urban Environment, is one of my favorite courses because I get to teach theory, application, and hands-on field work on how cities impact weather, climate and other environmental factors. I also created a...

Faculty workloads

Posted 5 years 12 months ago

Former New School chancellor David Levy took to the pages of the Washington Post this weekend to make an interesting argument: public support for higher education has led to rising tuition costs and faculty are generally overpaid for 'inefficient' teaching schedules.

Not changed, however, are the accommodations designed to compensate for low pay in earlier times. Though faculty salaries now mirror those of most upper-middle-class Americans working 40 hours for 50 weeks, they continue to pay for teaching time of...

UGA inventors making a difference

Posted 6 years 5 days ago

Three University of Georgia inventors were recognized by the Association of University Technology Managers in their most recent Better World Report:

For the 2011 report, AUTM was charged with selecting technologies that help the world in the face of adversity, and just 23 from the thousands of innovations from around the globe were selected. Five were from UGA.

"Our researchers deserve acknowledgement for their relentless efforts in helping people across the world to overcome adversity," said Sohail Malik, director of the UGA Technology Commercialization Office. "It...

Music Notes

Posted 6 years 2 weeks ago

News of recent achievements by faculty and students in the Hugh Hodsgon School of Music.

On March 1st, Mitos Andaya was honored at the UGA Student Government Association Annual Professor Recognition Ceremony and presented with an award for “outstanding commitment to students and academic excellence at the University of Georgia.”  She and 14 other professors were selected for this honor out of the 60 university professors that were nominated by students. Three school of music graduate students took home top honors at the Southeastern Composers Forum Phillip Slates Memorial...

Universities and Internationalization

Posted 6 years 1 month ago

In preparing some advance press for a news item, I was interviewing a faculty member about her Fulbright experience earlier this week and it brought us around to a wider discussion about students and faculty going abroad. Our university and Franklin College very much encourage international experiences and collaborations. The art exhibition that was the focus of my interview offers a case in point of the benefits therein: an international, collaborative project, facilitated by an existing and very successful mechanism (the Fulbright Scholarship Program), which the faculty member...