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Small Clear Refractions

Posted 6 years 2 months ago
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Franklin College professor of English Ed Pavlic has published several books of prose and poetry. His most recent work, But Here Are Small Clear Refractions was published by the Chinua Achebe Center. 

From the book description on

What if, Pavlic asks without asking, the War on Terror is also a war for America, between America, of America. What if this is the scream of a nation in psychic crisis, a scream that bounces back at itself, increasingly louder. We travel, with Ed on a boat, to Siu, on an island a few miles away from Somalia; an island where...

Article charts art professor's course

Posted 6 years 2 months ago

The Red & Black published a nice feature on Lamar Dodd School of Art professor of sculpture Larry Millard online today:

Now a professor at the University and coordinator of its sculpture program, Millard anomalously began with aspirations to be a painter — that is, until James Agard’s painting course at Virginia Intermont College.

“I started to realize that I had such a strange conception of what sculpture is up until that time,” Millard said. “I’d always thought it was always only figurative and always only sort of like reliefs … And he awakened me to understanding that...