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Amazing Student Madison Jones

Posted 1 year 6 months ago
MJones teaser.jpg

As we welcome the next amazing class of UGA students, highlighting achievements in rigorous academics and service to the campus community like those of Madison Jones gives us an idea of what it's all about at UGA:

My favorite things to do on campus are...

I love meeting friends for a quick bite at Bolton between classes since cooking is hard and the commuter meal plan is a gift to mankind. My favorite activities on campus probably happen inside the classrooms, though. My English professors and fellow classmates provide amazing discussions and a wonderful atmosphere,...

First-Year Odyssey Seminars

Posted 1 year 6 months ago
FYO teaser.jpg

Next week, incoming freshmen begin a new chapter in the momentous journey that has brought them to UGA. One of the great new experiences awaiting them on campus is the First-Year Odyssey seminar program:

an exciting time to engage, experience and explore the opportunities available to you at the University of Georgia. The First-Year Odyssey seminars are designed to introduce you to the academic life of the University. These seminars will allow you to engage with faculty and other first-year students in a small class environment to learn about the unique academic culture the...

Staff Appreciation Week

Posted 1 year 9 months ago

The people who make the UGA learning environment function at such a high level are often out of sight but also all around you. Any visitor notices a well-run campus - from immaculate landscaping to delicious food and orderly parking decks. Students and faculty rely on staff for everything from administrating contracts and grants to advising plus the million things in between.

The Franklin College held our Staff Appreciation Reception yesterday at the MLC, where several individuals were honored with Excellence in Service Awards and more were recognized for their Years of...

Franklin associate deans to release new album

Posted 1 year 9 months ago
Jaxst teaser.jpg

Jackson Street - an instant classic.

Okay so maybe the album isn't quite finished yet, and it will of course feature the fifth associate dean, Dr. Hugh Ruppersburg.

From left to right above, Dr. Russell Malmberg, Dr. Noel Fallows, Dr. Kecia Thomas, and Dr. Charles Kutal.

Dr. Malmberg is a member of the plant biology department and has an adjunct appointment in the genetics department. As associate dean of the Franklin College, Russell Malmberg oversees research and graduate education activities in Franklin College, serves as the primary liaison with the...

Advancing Franklin: Board of Advisors

Posted 1 year 9 months ago
BoA SLC teaser.jpg

The Franklin College Board of Advisors were on campus for their Spring Meeting on Friday, April 29 at the Tate Student Center.  This distinguished group of supporters represents a variety of expertise and accomplishments across the spectrum of American business and industry, joined together by their commitment to the Franklin College and the University of Georgia. As part of their visit to campus, the group met with students and toured the Science Learning Center, which, if you haven't seen it lately, is still under construction but taking great shape at the South end of Brooks...