Departmental newsletters

Posted 4 years 8 months ago

The Franklin College is home to 30 departments and nearly 30 more centers, institutes and programs. That's a lot of news to keep up with. But our units do a great job of sharing their specific news, notes, headlines and quotes with the wider world. And what were formerly printed materials that units mailed out are now nice elctronic documents and websites that allow us to share more information than ever with a growing roster of friends, alumni, supporters and colleagues across campus and around the world.

Two of these just-published e-newsletters are from the statistics department...

Weather and climate experts

Posted 4 years 9 months ago

The devastating tornado that hit the Oklahoma City suburbs on Monday has rightly taken up a lot of media oxygen over the last few days. The attention means faculty members in geography John Knox and especially current president of the American Meteorological Society J. Marshall Shepherd have been on call, non-stop. A sampling for Shepherd alone, just in the past two days:

Huffpost Live, XM Sirius B. Smith Show

NPR Science Friday on Friday. 

Also quoted in following articles by Time, USA Today, etc.

UGA Research magazine

Posted 5 years 2 months ago

The fall 2012 issue of the ugaresearch magazine is out, and available online. It features some great stories on Franklin College faculty, including geography professor Steven Holloway and whole section devoted to the Civil War, with a focus on books by history facuty members Stephen Berry, John Inscoe and a forthcoming work by Kathleen Clark.

Great work all around.

Shepherd and Knox opine on Sandy and forecasting in the AJC

Posted 5 years 3 months ago

How do we understand the potential of a megastorm like Sandy, currently battering the East coast of the U.S.? Geography professors Marshall Shepherd and John Knox explain in an Op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Advances in numerical weather forecasting during the past several decades have extended our ability to see into the future. In September 1938, before all of these advances, a hurricane devastated Long Island and much of New England. No hurricane warnings were ever issued prior to its arrival. Today, thanks to satellites, weather balloons, supercomputers and skilled...

'Good Morning America' meteorologist Ginger Zee

Posted 5 years 4 months ago
woman with weather map

The student chapter of the UGA American Meteorological Society welcomes weekend 'Good Morning America' meteorologist Ginger Zee to campus on Tuesday, Oct. 17 at 4:30 p.m. in room 102 of the Miller Learning Center:

Zee is the Emmy Award-winning weather anchor of the "Good Morning America" weekend edition, which is broadcast from the ABC News studios in Manhattan, N.Y. She also reports on weather-related topics from around the country during the week. She joined the morning show in 2011 after working at WMAQ-Channel 5 in Chicago and WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids, Mich.