How do we say it? The variations in sounding Southern

Posted 1 year 5 months ago
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Automated phonetic analysis and a significant grant from the National Science Founation will allow UGA linguistics researchers to delve deeper into what makes Southerners sound Southern:

The researchers will use computer software to analyze 64 interviews with speakers from Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas recorded from 1968 to 1983.

"We hope to document the wide range of pronunciations in the South, both to provide a database of that variation and to demonstrate how to model that variation," said William Kretzschmar, Harry and...

Saunt's USNewsMap wins NEH prize

Posted 1 year 6 months ago
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The National Endowment for the Humanities announced the winners of the Chronicling America Data Challenge, and among them is Claudio Saunt from the department of history for his The project maps patterns, explores regions, investigates how stories and terms spread around the country, and watches information go viral before the era of the internet:

This site argues that newspapers better capture the public discourse because of their quick publication schedule.  For example, users can track “miscegenation,” a term coined in 1863 by a Democratic Party operative to...

Willson Center Faculty Fellows 2016-17

Posted 1 year 7 months ago

Franklin College of Arts and Sciences faculty from an interdisciplinary cross section of research disciplines in the arts and humanities were selected as Willson Center Fellows for 2016-2017:

The Willson Center [Willson Fellows 2016-17]  has awarded its 2016-2017 Research Fellowships to twelve members of the UGA faculty in the humanities and arts. These fellowships are awarded in partnership with the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Willson Center Research Fellowships support excellence in arts and humanities research by providing course release from two normally assigned...

De-Mystifying the Humanities

Posted 1 year 7 months ago
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Often shrouded in the mysteries of ancient texts, perceptions about what the humanities are and why we need them might persist until students enter a university classroom. A perhaps counter-intuitive model also exists, however; introduce them earlier:

"If you look at what allows people to succeed at college-level math," says Grant, "you have to look at the foundation they receive from K through 12." It’s important to build those foundations, surely, but Grant participates in the program mostly because he enjoys it. "It’s a pleasure to be around these young people and help them...

A 'Big Picture' Education

Posted 1 year 9 months ago
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No better time than Graduation Day to share this exit interview with outgoing president of the Association of American Colleges & Universities, Carol Geary Schneider. A prime advocate for the ideals of a liberal education and the skills today's graduates need most, Dr. Schneider is passionate about the value of a liberal education in the face skepticism in state houses and among policy makers:

I think the most important thing is that we actually have clarity about what we mean by liberal education. AAC&U's actual mission is advancing liberal education and inclusive...