Thank a Donor Day

Posted 2 years 4 months ago
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The Fifth Annual Thank a Donor Day is taking place today in Tate Plaza until 1 p.m. Come join our students, including many Franklin Ambassadors, in expressing their gratitude to UGA donors with photos, cards and giveaway prizes.

We appreciate the supprt of our donors as well as the efforts of the stewardship staff that connects UGA alumni and friends with opportunities to impact campus and help enhance the UGA experience for all students. 

Thank YOU! 4.14.16

Image of Franklin Ambassadors by Jessica Luton.

Advanced Functional Fabrics partnership moves forward

Posted 2 years 4 months ago
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In 2011, chemistry professor Jason Locklin and colleagues developed novel antimicrobial polymers that can make clothing permanently germ-free. This revolutionary development, with vast implications across many industries though perhaps most crucially the medical field, has now resulted in UGA becoming part of a fabric revolution:

UGA is a partner in a new national public-private consortium to revolutionize the fiber and textiles industry through commercialization of highly functional, advanced fibers and textiles for the defense and commercial markets. The partnership, called...

Improving Georgia and the World

Posted 2 years 5 months ago
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This month's Discover feature highlights several examples of research excellence that reach to every corner of campus. UGA's key research themes provide context for the extraordinary work by our faculty and students:

Safeguarding and Sustaining our World includes research being conducted in fields as varied as cybersecurity, plant breeding and genetics, digital humanities and export controls.

UGA’s Plant Center, for example, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and has more than 50 faculty members. Plant center researchers have sequenced the genomes of commercially...

A world of languages at UGA

Posted 2 years 6 months ago
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Comment on dit, "world class university?" UGA has the programs and the people that make it second-to-none in teaching and learning foreign languages - a set of capabilities that is the sine qua non for a premier university:

“It’s a truly diverse blend, that both harkens back to the roots of classical liberal arts education as it builds on the world as we know it today and looks forward to both the challenges and the opportunities of the future,” said Noel Fallows, Distinguished Research Professor of Spanish and associate dean in the Franklin College. “You can make the...

Kudos, January 2016

Posted 2 years 6 months ago

Happy 231st Birthday, UGA. On Jan. 27, 1785 the members of the Georgia General Assembly established the University of Georgia as the first public land-grant university. Founders Week celebrations.

“Let's Let That Are Not Yet: Inferno,' a new book of poetry by professor of creative writing and English Ed Pavlić, was reviewed by Publisher's Weekly and The New York Times. Pavlić's book, 'Who Can Afford to Improvise? : James Baldwin and Black Music, the Lyric and the Listeners,' was also reviewed in the Los Angeles Times.

UGA and Franklin College Honors student Torre...