Noted and Quoted, March 2018

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Great diversity of subjects, opinions, expertise and sources in this month's round-up faculty, students and alumni appearing in the media:

Can narcissists actually change their ways? We asked the experts – professor of psychology  Keith Campbell quoted in Huffington Post

Researchers receive $10M to create computational and informatics tools for glycoscience – project co-led by Professor of biochemistry and molecular biology William York reported at EurekAlert!, UGA Today,  The GW Hatchet

State lawmakers on the fence about offshore drilling – professor of marine...

Hurricanes, Black Holes and Gamma Rays

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If you're not following Marshall Shepherd on social media, you're missing out on an opportunity to learn about a whole spectrum of science-related topics that may never have crossed your mind previously. Shepherd, the Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor  and the director for the program in atmospheric sciences at UGA, not only has his finger on the pulse of breaking news in the climate and weather research fields, he also writes about it for Forbes.

Most recently, Shepherd wrote about how flights in Arizona were often stiffled by the heat and why; why scienticists...

‘Atmospheric rivers’ also common in the Southeast

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Some timely and informative new research from geography faculty and graduate students on aspects of the erratic weather seen recently:

Much of the flood-inducing rainfall that has pummeled California over the last month flowed into the region via a river in the sky. But these so-called atmospheric rivers, which transport large quantities of water vapor poleward from the tropics, can wreak havoc in the Southeast as well.

University of Georgia geography and atmospheric sciences researchers provide the first detailed climatological analysis of Southeastern atmospheric rivers in...

Noted and Quoted, October 2016

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New research, stormy weather and narcissism were some of the headlines featuring Franklin faculty during October, among many others. A sampling of the many media stories:

Could You Spell that for Me, Please? Psychology professor W. Keith Campbell quoted in a San Diego State University News story on unique American bay names

Can familiarity build trust? A white cop moves into black Atlanta neighborhood. Geography professor Steven Holloway quoted in the Christian Science Monitor

UGA debate guru: Donald Trump faltered, Hillary Clinton didn't –  Communications Studies...

Bounce House Safety Research Continues

Posted 2 years 7 months ago

If you've ever been to an event with a bounce house such as a birthday party or a carnival, you know just how much children enjoy them. But are they safe? Researchers from the UGA department of geography have been trying to find answers to this question. Last summer, we wrote about geography associate professor John Knox's class research project on bounce house safety. Knox had a bounce house set up near the geography building so students could learn more about possible safety hazards.

Bounce houses and other inflatable amusement devices are known to be vulnerable in windy weather....