CURO Symposium

Posted 5 years 7 months ago
Monet_regatta II.jpg

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston used to have an ad campaign that hinted, "There's more to life than just Monet."

In a similar vein, this article in Red & Black on the CURO symposium reminded me that, while they are heavily engaged in everything from genetics to particle physics, UGA students conduct research in much more than just the hard sciences.

Brendan Boyle, a junior mass media arts and film studies major, presented his paper, “The New Western: Classical Genre Cinema in the 21st Century,” which won the Best Paper award in the Arts category.

He had...

Wells named Ljungdahl Investigator

Posted 5 years 7 months ago

Associate professor of biochemistry and molecular biology Lance Wells has been named a Lars G. Ljungdahl Distinguished Investigator by the Georgia Research Alliance:


Wells’ research explores how modification of proteins by sugars, a process known as O-glycosylation, affects their biological activity. In particular, the Wells laboratory focuses on two types of O-glycosylation, O-GlcNAc and O-Man, that are involved in...

Nanoparticles and magnetic current used to kill cancer cells

Posted 5 years 8 months ago
Ge-catalyzed ZnO nanowires forest-1.jpg

Franklin College researchers have used nanoparticles and alternating magnetic current to kill cancer cells in mice without harming healthy cells:

The findings, published recently in the journal Theranostics, mark the first time to the researchers' knowledge this cancer type has been treated using magnetic...

Faculty workloads

Posted 5 years 8 months ago

Former New School chancellor David Levy took to the pages of the Washington Post this weekend to make an interesting argument: public support for higher education has led to rising tuition costs and faculty are generally overpaid for 'inefficient' teaching schedules.

Not changed, however, are the accommodations designed to compensate for low pay in earlier times. Though faculty salaries now mirror those of most upper-middle-class Americans working 40 hours for 50 weeks, they continue to pay for teaching time of...

Lindau-Nobel Laureate Meetings

Posted 5 years 8 months ago

And speaking of inventors, the Lindau-Nobel Laureate Meetings have been connecting generations of scientists for over 50 years. These annual meetings offer a chance for young researchers nominated by a worldwide network of Academic Partners to interact with Nobel Laureates in panel discussions, seminars and during various social events scheduled as part of the five-day day event. When you think about it at all, connecting young scientists with their more experienced (and decorated) colleagues would seem to be a very important thing to do - and for a variety of reasons that apply in...