UGA inventors making a difference

Posted 5 years 11 months ago

Three University of Georgia inventors were recognized by the Association of University Technology Managers in their most recent Better World Report:

For the 2011 report, AUTM was charged with selecting technologies that help the world in the face of adversity, and just 23 from the thousands of innovations from around the globe were selected. Five were from UGA.

"Our researchers deserve acknowledgement for their relentless efforts in helping people across the world to overcome adversity," said Sohail Malik, director of the UGA Technology Commercialization Office. "It...

Study reveals 'switch' as key to stem cells

Posted 5 years 11 months ago

The promise of therapeutic stem cells as a strategy to introduce new cells into damaged tissue to treat disease and injury has long been balanced with the practical difficulties of doing so. A new study from researchers in cell biology presents a better understanding of how stem cells transform into other kinds of cells within the body:

A University of Georgia study published in the March 2 edition of the journal Cell Stem Cell, however, creates the first ever blueprint of how stem cells are wired to respond to the external signaling molecules to which they are constantly...

Genome Mapping to Biofuels

Posted 6 years 1 week ago

Since at least the 1970's, University of Georgia researchers and engineers have been working on the many different facets of developing renewable energy sources, from biodiesel to fermentation, soil sequestration and more. The many different avenues provided opportunities for crucial bench-scale breakthroughs that have allowed further related research to flourish. That progress continues today:


Targeting Cellular Invaders

Posted 6 years 1 month ago

My colleague Sam Fahmy brings us this story today, from UGA researchers harnessing bacterial immune systems to fight infection and disease:

“Scientists study bacteria and other microorganisms to understand essential life processes as well as to improve their use in the safe production of foods, biofuels and pharmaceuticals, and to fight those that cause disease,” said Michael Terns, a professor in the departments of biochemistry and molecular biology, and genetics in the UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. “And now we have a new way to engineer bacteria to decrease or even...

UGA scientists move closer to breast cancer vaccine

Posted 6 years 2 months ago

Work by researchers from Franklin College and the Mayo Clinic in Arizona is being widely reported:

Researchers from the University of Georgia and the Mayo Clinic in Arizona have developed a vaccine that dramatically reduces tumors in a mouse model that mimics 90 percent of human breast and pancreatic cancer cases—including those resistant to common treatments.

The vaccine, described this week in the early edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reveals a promising new strategy for treating cancers that share the same distinct...