UGA Research magazine

The fall 2012 issue of the ugaresearch magazine is out, and available online. It features some great stories on Franklin College faculty, including geography professor Steven Holloway and whole section devoted to the Civil War, with a focus on books by history facuty members Stephen Berry, John Inscoe and a forthcoming work by Kathleen Clark.

Great work all around.

SEC Championship

 QB Aaron MurrayIt looks to be a fun week on campus, as the 'dogs, lead by psychology graduate student and QB Aaron Murray and communication studies major and cornerback Sanders Commings, get ready to take on Alabama for the SEC Championship and who-knows-what-else if they win that one.

One game at a time - and it took a lot of work just to get to this next one. Best of luck.

Image: QB Murray in 2011, US Presswire.

Happy Thanksgiving

Frances_Brundage_Thanksgiving postcard

And with that, the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving. see you next week.

Public domain image by Frances Brundage used as a postcard in 1913.