Broadening diversity by strengthening the sciences

The reality of underrepresentation of various ethnicities in particular fields, whether it is biology or linguistics, is an effective way of framing diversity issues. But outside of its sociological ramifications, making any field more-representative has the added bonus of funneling more people and building more expertise in those fields, and expanding the volume of expertise is an important indirect benefit.

This is not to downplay the importance of diversity itself, which is considerable; it is crucial for kids to see others like themselves enjoying prominence and success in every...

Study abroad blogging

It's the medium of the internet age, but still one we don't take enough advantage of: blogging.

A funny argument to make on a blog, sure; but here I'm thinking specifically of a weblog as a kind of informational travelogue for students when they study abroad. Not only can you share photos and written descriptions of your experiences with family, friends and colleagues; a blog helps us all piece together and understand the story of what it is you are doing. Case in point: this blog by UGA students participating in a study abroad...

Outer boroughs


One benefit, and there are many, of pulling together content for unit-level newsletters and soliciting news from faculty directly is that I find out about things they are doing that might normally escape (my) attention - professional activity that doesn't rise to the level of press releases, but a host of exhibitions, lectures, interviews and other work. There is a lot of this and...