Benjamin Franklin 'memoir'


There are so many reasons that Benjamin Franklin was chosen as the namesake for the Franklin College - and every one of them accrues to our benefit as well as feeds our ambitions for what the College should be. None of the noble epithets with which we connect Franklin demonstrates that more than the unfinished autobiography...

The fight against Toxoplasmosis

img_ctegd.jpgThe Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases is a UGA-wide, multi-disciplinary center establshed in 1998 to bring together research, education and service resources in parasitology, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics. The Franklin College has been one its core institutional partners from the beginning, recognizing that facilitating expertise from a wide-range of disciplines is the key to fighting diseases in the...

Coley Lecture

The dean of an arts and sciences college of the size and dimensions of the Franklin College really has his or her hands full. Outside of the extraordinary administrative duties of the position and alongside the constant fundraising responsibilities and appearances, the dean is our ambassador and spokesperson; introducing speakers and addressing graduates with an eloquent and memorable message could itself be a full-time occupation. Interim dean Hugh Ruppersburg has proven adept at all of the above duties, but he has truly excelled in this latter one. Here are his...