Web Forms using Drupal

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Franklin OIT provides Drupal Web Forms as a tool for making surveys or simple forms. The forms/surveys can be configured to send a user and administrator an email to confirm receipt of the entry.  Results can be exported into Excel or other spreadsheet applications. This tool also provides some basic statistical review. Examples of forms might be a contest entry, information request forms, or a simple survey.

Benefits of Service: 

The biggest advantages to using Drupal Web Forms is the ability to create forms inside the Drupal Content Management system, without having to login to a separate site to create your forms and view the results.

Requesting Use and Support: 

New Clients

If you currently have a Drupal site through Franklin College, you may already have web forms installed on your site. Login to your Drupal site, and click “Add Content.” If you see a content type called “Web Forms” then you already have Drupal Web Forms.

If you do not see a content type called “Web Forms”, please submit a helpdesk ticket and we can install that module for you.

Existing Clients

To view results of your web forms, or to create new web forms, simply login to your Drupal site, and you will have access to the Web Forms Module. Please read the help documents for more information about how to use Web Forms Module.


Current Rates for Service: 

This is a standard free module that is installed on all Department Drupal Sites. It is a module that can be requested for Faculty and Research Lab sites at no charge

Additional Documents & Information for Service: