How to Make an Advising Appointment

Office of Student Academic Services

As a currently enrolled student, you must be advised each term before you pre-register for the next term's classes.

Your advisor will review your progress and discuss course options for your degree requirements; and, you will receive an advisement form with course recommendations. After you have been advised, your advisor will clear you for registration.

Junior and seniors (that is, students who have earned at least 60 hours) should check with their major department the second or third week of the term to determine the advising procedure for that department.

Note: See Departmental Advising for a list of departments that advise their majors before their 60 hours.

To help plan your schedule, you should view the OASIS Schedule of Classes on the Registrar's website and select 7 to 10 courses that you might like to take. The Franklin College offers classes from 8:00 a.m. through 10:45 p.m. in order to achieve flexibility in scheduling and maximum use of facilities.

Advising appointments are times generally reserved for the planning of coursework and “clearing” students to Register, and should be made each semester.

Ways to Make an Appointment

  • Lower Division students may make an advising appointment on-line through SARA (Student Advising and Registration Assistant). Students are usually considered Lower Division during their first and second years.
  • Honors students may make an advising appointment on-line or refer to the Honors Program Office in Room 317 Moore College, or call 542-3240.
  • Lamar Dodd School of Art students should refer to the Art Advising page for information on scheduling an advising appointment.
  • Upper Division students should refer to the department of their major.

An On-Call advisor is available during the regular academic year for all other questions or concerns Monday-Thursday from noon-5pm and Friday noon-4pm in Room 118 Memorial Hall.

Featured Advisor

Wanda Wilcox

Wanda Wilcox's primary advising area is Bachelor of Arts, and she advises more than 300 freshmen and sophomores each term. In addition to her advising responsibilities, Wilcox teaches in both the Religion and Women's Studies Departments. She is the recipient of multiple advising awards including the Franklin College Outstanding Advisor (1999), the UGA Outstanding Academic Advisor (2013) and a NACADA advising Certificate of Merit (2013).

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