Majors in the Franklin College

Office of Student Academic Services

The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate students the fundamentals of a liberal education on which to base a lifetime of learning and the opportunity to concentrate in studies which form the foundation for professional pursuits.

We strive to enrich the intellect and nurture the resourcefulness of individual students so that they may deal with life's challenges with well-founded self-confidence and self-assurance.

Please visit the Bulletin for information concerning the following Franklin College degrees and for requirements of majors:

Double Majors

A double major is two different majors in the same degree, such as History and English majors for a bachelor of arts degree. The double major is earned when the requirements for each major are satisfied, and the requirements for the degree are completed. It is sometimes possible to count the same course twice, once in each major, to satisfy major requirements.

Students can declare a double major by completing the "Change of Major" form in Student Academic Services, 118 Memorial Hall.

Dual Degrees

A graduate of any program may receive the baccalaureate degree of any other program by completing the additional studies required in that program.

The minimum resident requirement is 30 semester hours. Courses taken in residence at the University of Georgia for the purpose of meeting program requirements for one degree may be counted toward the resident requirement for the second degree. (Students not enrolled at the University for a period of five years or more must complete 30 semester hours in residence for the second degree in addition to the courses taken to satisfy the first degree.) Individual schools and colleges within the University may impose additional resident requirements. Students pursuing an additional major within the same degree objective are considered to be enrolled for a double major.

The University of Georgia offers several dual degree programs between the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Education.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Students who have academic interests for which no major is offered or which combine several major areas within the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences may wish to pursue an Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major.

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