Dean's Student Advisory Board

The Franklin College Dean's Student Advisory Board (SAB) was first organized during the 1988-89 academic year and is composed of one upper-division undergraduate student (junior or senior) from each of the 30+ departments, schools, and programs housed in the Franklin College. Student members are selected by their departments and represent both their fellow students in the department and the department itself.

The primary purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to provide a line of communication between the undergraduate students in the College and the Dean's Office. The board meets monthly throughout the academic year in what are generally open-ended discussions involving the Dean, associate deans, and student board members. Topics include current academic and administrative matters, such as new course requirements (multicultural and environmental literacy), academic opportunities (international programs and study abroad), and academic advising. The Dean makes himself available to answer any questions which members of the SAB have about the College or the University, and the students provide the Dean and his staff with important input concerning all areas of the Franklin College which affect undergraduate student life.

The SAB also serves as a source for student nominations to campus-wide committees, honor societies, and awards and as the representative group of undergraduates when such a cross-section of student opinion is needed by the Dean.

Finally, a subcommittee of the Student Advisory Board, along with two graduate students, serves on the Franklin College Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (FCSAFAC). The allocation committee is charged with reviewing requests for funding from all registered student organizations in the Franklin College and making allocations from the Student Activity Fee money which is generated by Franklin College students each year.

Student Advisory Board Committee Members

Student Advisory Board Committee Members
Department First Name Last Name Phone Number Email
Art Rachel Jeffs 404-775-1180 rljeffs {at} uga dt edu
Biological Sciences Parker Rushworth 215-360-8191 pkrush12 {at} uga dt edu
Chemistry Rodrigo Tapia 678-641-6474 rtapia {at} uga dt edu
Computer Science David Millard 706-254-9191 dmillard {at} uga dt edu
Criminal Justice Justin Nixon 770-757-5466 jnix2390 {at} uga dt edu
Genetics Brandon White 770-633-8715 bwhite10 {at} uga dt edu
Geography Castle Williams 706-263-5695 castleaw {at} uga dt edu
Geology Jason Burwell 678-381-6323 j0123b {at} uga dt edu
Germanic & Slavic Studies DeAnne Cantrell 470-514-6205 hcan07 {at} uga dt edu
History Marlin Ranson 404-276-5507 mgr1092 {at} uga dt edu
Microbiology Sudeepti Kuppa 678-575-2923 skuppa {at} uga dt edu
Music Giles Lemmens 404-889-7448 glemmens {at} uga dt edu
Philosophy Jordan Lavender 706-207-3301 jdn194 {at} uga dt edu
Sociology Vanessa Aguilera 770-312-5183 vka93 {at} uga dt edu
Statistics Benjamin Washington 706-614-1568 bwash318 {at} uga dt edu
Theatre & Film Studies Abby Holland 678-234-1415 anh0821 {at} uga dt edu
Institute of Native American Studies Brett Weber 504-920-2853 bmow410 {at} uga dt edu
Institute for Women's Studies Therese Riza 706-389-6659 therese8 {at} uga dt edu

Franklin College Student Senators are also invited to sit on the Dean's Student Advisor Board. Please visit the Student Senator page to view a list of senators.

The Franklin College Dean's Student Advisory Board (SAB) has a listserv for members and interested parties. To request subscription to this listserv please e-mail Candee Bradbury at candee {at} uga dt edu providing your preferred e-mail address and reason for requesting subscription.

For more information about the Franklin College Dean's Student Advisory Board, please contact Dr. Eileen Kraemer, Associate Dean, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 30602; eileen {at} uga dt edu; (706) 542-5745 (phone).