Franklin Senators

Got a problem?  Do you feel you’re being misused?  Are you in the Franklin College?

If so, then we can help!! We’re your SGA Senators, and addressing your concerns is what we do best! To contact us, email us at and we will answer your question, address your concern, or, if we can’t help, tell you who will.

"The Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate works to serve the students within the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences by advocating on behalf of the students and promote communication between Franklin students and administration."

Franklin College Senators

Name Email Phone
Sarah Beck sarahnbeck {at} gmail dt com 404-580-7582
Trace Brown tbrowne92 {at} gmail dt com
Thomas Calloway callowaytripp {at} gmail dt com
Mary Grace Griffin griffmg {at} uga dt edu
Patrick Klibanoff pklibanoff {at} gmail dt com 770-378-2901
Austin Laufersweiler austin.lauf {at} gmail dt com 678-575-1030
Davis Mastin dmas92 {at} gmail dt com 423-619-8900
Alex Moosariparambil moosaria {at} uga dt edu 706-294-8270
Marshall Mosher marshall.mosher {at} gmail dt com
Richie O'Connell roconnel {at} uga dt edu
Kelsey Runyan kjr2014 {at} uga dt edu
Kelsey Schmidt kms541 {at} uga dt edu
Ryan Slauer ryan.slauer {at} gmail dt com
Elijah Staggers estagg14 {at} uga dt edu
Victoria Vasquez vev9871 {at} uga dt edu 859-321-5163
Whitney Wyszynski whitw {at} uga dt edu 706-969-0015