Student Organizations

The Franklin College academic units sponsor various student organizations for both undergraduate and graduate students. These groups work closely with a faculty advisor and strive to enrich the academic experience of their peers throughout the university community. Their activities are supported by student activity fees which are allocated by the Franklin College Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee.

Student Groups

Organization Advisor Student Officer
American Chemical Society   Dr. Richard Hubbard James Morgan
American Meteorological Society Dr. Thomas Mote Jason Muhlbauer
Anthropology Grad Student Org. Dr. Ted Gragson Laura Tilghman
Anthropology Society Dr. Pete Brosius John Hand
Applied Psychology Student Assoc. Dr. Karl Kuhnert Taylor Sparks
Art History Society Dr. Janice Simon Rachel Hopgood
Assoc. for Computing Machinery-Women Dr. Shelby Funk Ashley Edwards
Assoc. for Women in Science Dr. Paige Carmichael Joanna Eldredge
Assoc. of Archaeological Sciences Dr. Jared Wood Katherine Graham
Assoc. of Graduate Art Students Dr. Alisa Luxenberg Lindsay Marie Cox
Athens Insights   Dr. Kai Riedl John Hand
Biochemistry Grad Student Assoc. Dr. Zachary Wood  Edith Hayden
Cell Biology Grad Student Assoc. Dr. Marcus Fechheimer Carly Jordan
Ceramic Student Organization   Dr. Ted Saupe Taylor Robenalt
Chemistry Grad Student Org. Dr. Bobby Stanton Alex Morrison
Classic City Jazz Ensemble Dr. Mitos Andaya Joshua Elder
Collegium Musicum Dr. Mitos Andaya David Okun
Concert Choir Dr. Mitos Andaya Ryan Tucker
Criminal Justice Society   Dr. Elaine Weeks Jennifer Pipes
Dance Student Travel   Dr. Rebecca Enghauser Laura Burgamy
Ecological & Envir. Anthro. Journal Dr. Pete Brosius Laura Tilghman
Genetics Graduate Student Assoc. Dr. Kelly Dawe Mark Fisher
Geography Student Assoc.   Dr. David Leigh Peter Hossler
Georgia Sculpture Society   Dr. Jim Buonaccorsi Lindsay Ethridge
Georgia Society of Contem. Painters  Dr. Jim Barsness Jessica Wohl
German Student Organization   Dr. Martin Kagel Syreta Haggray
Grad Stu and Post-docs in Science Dr. Harry Dailey Alecia Septer
Graphic Design Club   Dr. Julie Spivey Samira Khoshnood
LDSOA Council Dr. Georgia Strange Jessica Wohl
Marine Science Grad Student Assoc.  Dr. James Hollibaugh Scott Gifford
Men's Glee Club   Dr. Allen Crowell Christopher McCarver
Microbiology Grad Student Org.   Dr. Anna Karls Alicia Septer
Music Therapy   Dr. Roy Kennedy John Walsh
National Art Education Assoc. Dr. Richard Siegesmund Abby Newland
Neuroscience Student Assoc.    Dr. Andrea Hohmann George Wilson
Phi Beata Heata   Dr. Mary Pearse Stephanie Voegele
Plant Biology Grad Student Assoc. Dr. Gregory Schmidt Michael McKain
Printmaking Student Assoc. Dr. Jon Swindler Helen Farmer
Psi Chi Dr. Jonathan Crystal Laura Gregg
Social Psychologists of UGA   Dr. Leonard Martin Jodi Treadway
Sociology Graduate Society Dr. Jody Clay-Warner Sara Morris
Speech Comm Grad Forum   Dr. Barbara Biesecker Nicole Hurt
Statistics Club   Dr. Abhyuday Mandal Ashley Askew
STEM Dr. Kojo Mensa-Wilmot Jerrod Bryson
Stillpoint Literary Magazine Dr. Edward Pavlic Erin Yates
Student Composers Assoc. Dr. Roger Vogel Aaron Carter
Symphony Orchestra Dr. Mark Cedel Alexandre Ritter
Thalian Blackfriars Dr. George Contini Jade Fernandez
UGA Choral Association   Dr. Mitos Andaya Katie Cornell
UGA Clarinet Association   Dr. D. Ray McClellan Kimberly Nogi
Umlaut Grad Organization   Dr. James McGregor Catherine Riccio
University Chorus Dr. Mitos Andaya David Okun
Women's Glee Club   Dr. Mitos Andaya Chelsea Farr
Women's Studies Student Org.  Dr. Cecilia Herles Joanna Randazzo