Guidelines for Student Appeals

Office of Student Academic Services

University of Georgia students have the right to appeal academic decisions.

Usually the appeal goes first to the unit responsible for the decision (for example, grades to the faculty members who assigned the grades; department requirements to the department; college or school requirements to the school; university requirements to the Educational Affairs Committee).

An unfavorable ruling at one level can be appealed to the successive levels (viz., a faculty decision can be appealed to the department; a department ruling can be appealed to the college in which the instructional unit is located; a college-level ruling can be appealed to the Educational Affairs Committee; the Educational Affairs Committee ruling can be appealed to the President of the University; and, except for grade appeals, the President's ruling can be appealed to the Board of Regents).

All grade appeals must be initiated within one calendar year from the end of the term in which the grade was recorded.

Initial Level for Academic Petitions*

Subject of Petition First Level of Contact
academic dismissal** Franklin College Assoc. Dean of Student Academic Srv.
academic renewal Educational Affairs Committee
course "deletion" Franklin College Assoc. Dean of Student Academic Srv.
course substitutions for major requirements departmental advisor
appeals or course substitutions for Franklin College requirements Academic Standards Committee
course substitutions for core requirements Academic Standards Committee
appeals of UGA requirements (except for Cultural Diversity) Educational Affairs Committee
Cultural Diversity Academic Standards Committee
extension of an Incomplete Educational Affairs Committee
grade appeals instructor
residency requirement Educational Affairs Committee
waiver of foreign language requirement for non-citizens Franklin College Assoc. Dean of Student Academic Srv.
withdrawal after midpoint Student Affairs

* Unfavorable rulings may usually be appealed to higher levels of academic administration.

** Second Dismissal students should begin the discussion of their dismissal with the Dean's Office, but the petition is ultimately presented to Educational Affairs committee.

For more information contact:

Academic Standards Committee

Contact: Candee Bradbury 542-5745

Guidelines for Petitions to the Academic Standards Committee

Educational Affairs Committee

Contact: Debbie Bell 542-4336

Guidelines for Petitions to the Educational Affairs Committee

Additional details on appeals of academic matters, including special provisions for appeals in academic dishonesty cases, can be obtained from the Office of the Vice President for Instruction, 542-4336.